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Best methods how to treat acne scars in 2020

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How do I get rid of acne scars fast?

Hello, guys talking about scars, acne scars, and how to get rid of them. Stay with me if you want to know more,

So I decided to talk about Acne Scars because most of you guys who had acne and who couldn’t take their hands out of your face because you started picking unfortunately there are scars developed, and what are scars?

Think about, that there are two parts and if the parts are cut into 2 pieces they’re pulling apart, so what’s happening?

Your body is very intelligent The body doesn’t want to get these parts far away from each other because then a lot of bacteria can go into your body.

So the skin is a protective layer and your body wants to keep it this way, therefore, it wants to keep it smooth and very stable and therefore closed so what’s happening if you cut yourself and cutting means: from the outside or by disruption from the inside after pimples.

So these two parts would be separated Because of shear stress. So they would pull apart from each other, so now your body thinks:

help destruction we don’t want to pull these two parts away from each other suddenly the police is coming and all are Helping to produce a certain substance called the not good collagen because the fibers are not cross-linked They’re more like parallel so suddenly you see a scar tissue The scar tissue does not have hair.

It does not have any sweat glands It looks just like a kind of glue And in fact it is kind of glue because your body does not want to glue these parts as quickly as possible together So it’s cars developing and if you cut yourself of course.

This is happening and cutting from inside out It’s the same so if you’re kind of suffering from acne, and there’s a huge kind of inflammation underneath and if you are trying to just get this junk out, you are you actually hurting your skin and Suddenly it becomes a channel out where it doesn’t supposed to be going out and suddenly the skin thinks: help destruction!!! And is trying to seal it so a scar is developing unfortunately as you guys know with time, with age these scars.

Particular the acne scars in the face are becoming worse so, unfortunately, there is nothing on earth which is removing scars But there’s hope because there are some methods which Making scars looking better so that most of the time you will not see them particularly if you do something as soon as possible so Let’s talk about Acne scars. So scars are like icebergs.

There are two ways of scars either hypertrophic like iceberg or hypertrophic which go inside. But let’s make it easier.

It is like an iceberg so what you try to do?

You try to destroy this iceberg with an ice pick so with the pick water comes out this iceberg and it gets flattered the same way it is happening with your skin because as soon as you are hitting it with Micro-needling these are needles.

You can damage your skin but you don’t want to damage your skin, you really want to have consistency. What is the meaning of this? So let’s go back because I don’t want to confuse you.

You want to get rid of this hard spot easily and you do it as I said like an iceberg. So the micro-sweating going into the skin thinks again: oh my good system and growth factors are creating and because there is no stretch in it because this stimulus is just right there is nothing to repair it we just do as if there would be a loss. The skin is not really damaged.

So the skin has a good time to produce the right collagen and this stain is softer and less visible and the other way is different. For example, here is a fracture laser, which means that with the heat they try to make small holes in the skin and keep the heat deep to get tightening.

Because collagen is like a spiral and expands. With heat, you shrink it. It’s like keeping your clothes warm, ideally, no furniture laser is used. I like the method of micro-swinging radiofrequency. What is the meaning of this?

Now, this is an old method of a medical device. So it has to be done by a dermatologist – and if the injection is inside, there is a movement of heat and through the movement of heat you have to contract the collagen, so it hardens. So with age, the stain becomes very hard and the elasticity disappears.

So this way the tissue becomes soft and hard and all of a sudden you notice less scarring. I really like to use it for acne scars with any kind of swollen areas, so don’t have heavy pimples. So this is the end of acne. Just finished. You still have traces left,

Icebergs can make you look softer and less so with the help of psychiatric medical devices called micro-sweating and combined with heat is a great option for treating the symptoms of red frequency ii. But talk to a gynecologist about what they think is best for your skin.

Because we really know the best treatment and the best way to get the best result, so don’t try anything on the internet, please! Please, girls and girls, don’t do that, go to your dermatologist and get some advice.

People try pimple extractors

It’s like a spring cleanse for my face right now. (Bonsai Music) – I like popping zits. Whenever I look in a mirror, I have to do it right away. – I’ll pop like a pimp if super ready,

But I don’t like it too much either. – I want to go hard with my nails. Sometimes I wash my hands before doing this and sometimes I don’t.

I am an esthetician, people have skin problems whether it is acne, hyperpigmentation, blackheads, dry skin, and oily skin. So tell me a little bit about your skin. – I’m so dry and tired all around. I get all kinds of breakouts here and around my chin and I always have breakouts.

For your skin, there are slightly deeper, slightly larger pores, like the middle part. So you’re naturally getting more productive, you’re going to get oil. You have a very small hole.

If you have too much oil, you will be dehydrated. When the skin is dehydrated, make-up for this dehydration is going to produce oil, it is going to try to heal itself. So I’m going to put some gloves on you.

I think I’m going to have surgery. – I never recommend removing blackheads without tissue or gloves. We harbor bacteria under our nails. I will force you to wipe your skin with toner, make sure you get dirt and oil. Her skin was fine but look at all the rest of the wipe.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT isn’t for me either. – And they’re going to clean up the tools with alcohol. Are you ready – I’m ready?

This is a common one here, your end is round and then you’re starting point. I do not recommend using a lancet, it can be very dangerous. – We go here. – With this, you will put a little pressure and then gently press. Don’t eat down, you want to put pressure on each pillow.

If you have to do this at home, you want to take a shower first, you can loosen the skin with steam, open the pores. – I got one, I got something really good. You can see, I think I’ve become like three of them.

So I use extras in this area because your fingers can’t really penetrate, and if you press hard with your fingers you’re going to get these tip capillaries from here.

– Oh, coming. – Oh, they are. – Ew! It’s dirty! – Don’t get too obsessed. – I know. – Because you will sit for hours doing this.

You can try different angles. I won’t do more than three, then it’s not going to come out or you’re not doing it right. There is one with it. So you want the top of the stain to be below the loop. Did it come out? – Yes. – Do you want to try it? –

Oh my God, yes let’s go to the big daddy gangs. – So I’ll use this tool on some big blackheads. You can see a small piece of it sticking out, you just have to pull it up. – Wait, I got it. Well, here’s something. I didn’t really mean to get it but I got it. It is.

Oh yes, baby – Reapply toner, clean the area. If you want to cover anything after that to help keep it tight and firm. “I’m such a dirty kid. You know how to clean your skin and I’m still in the trash. (Encouraging music) – This can be very annoying for those who pierce your face,

It may seem that they are so obvious and out there but if something is not ready to come out then it is not going to come out. – I finally think Ivan will start using tools, especially on people who have difficulty reaching them. Just knowing that you take care of your skin before and after skinning is probably the reason why I get acne because my hands get dirty when I’m popping.

But if I have learned anything today, it should be soft and not dirty my skin as I have done countless times before. – That’s why we recommend seeing a royal expert because if it doesn’t work out.

So we’re going to stop, but at home, you go so far in that you keep going and you don’t really know if you’re causing the damage again. – What about litigation? If it’s okay, – if it’s your friend or girlfriend? I would not recommend it.

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