Skin Care Tips for Girls | What are some beauty tips? | 2020

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Everyday Tips To Keep Your Skin Hydrated, Moisturised & Glowing During The Lock-down | 2020

Don’t let the lockdown bring you down. Use this effective and simple self-care tips to make sure you come out of this with healthier skin,
a fitter body and a calmer mind!

Skin Care Tips for Girls
Skin Care Tips for Girls

To help curb the spread of the virus, we need to wash our hands,
for at least 20 seconds. Make sure to wash them thoroughly
and regularly.

All that hand washing can leave your skin feeling rough and dry. But you can care for the skin on your hands by simply using a light moisturizing cream or hand cream.

Make sure to apply cream after each wash to ensure your hands come out of this lockdown feeling soft and supple! Mobiles can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Start by removing all the accumulated dirt on your device with a toothpick.

Then prepare a solution with ½ a cup of water and 3-4 drops of rubbing alcohol. Spray this on a microfibre cloth and wipe down the device.

Clean the cover as well. Do this regularly to keep your phone sanitized and safe. The lockdown may be making you lazy but remember showering is essential.

Shower gels are convenient, effective, and hygienic. Massage in circular motions to boost your blood flow. Pay extra attention to your armpits, feet, and toes as they tend to accumulate more bacteria.
Rinse well.

Make sure to use a clean and fresh towel. This will keep your skin hydrated and fresh! Staying at home for extended periods in the heat
can make you forget to drink enough water. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.

It’s healthy and cleanses your system. The rising temperatures outside, combined with sleeping in the air conditioning can really dry out your skin and make it feel rough.

Keep your skin moisturized by using a light body lotion. This will keep it feeling soft and smooth. For a quick boost of hydration
try this easy DIY face mist. Blend one cucumber and strain the liquid with a muslin cloth.

Cucumber revitalizes your skin. Mix in a tsp of cooling aloe vera gel.
And dilute with half a cup of water. Spray this simple mist on your face whenever you need to feel refreshed!

We hope these useful tips help you care for your skin and health during this challenging time!

DIY Natural Skincare Routine | Oily & Dry Skin | 2020

Taking care of our skin is definitely not an easy task.
And with the increasing pollution and chemicals in skincare products these days, are you giving your skin the right ingredients?

we’re going to show you how to create an all-natural skincare routine.

Skin Care Tips for Girls
Skin Care Tips for Girls

These recipes can be used for oily skin and dry skin and you can make them at home so that you have the option to keep your skin chemical free!

CTM is an ideal skincare routine that includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing daily for healthy-looking skin and slowing down the signs of aging.

Following this routine every day in the morning and at night removes dirt, impurities, and pollution from your skin. It also balances the pH level, tightens pores, and nourishes your skin.

Let’s begin with grandma’s favorite ingredient, Multani mitt, and some gram flour. Take a bowl and mix both ingredients in equal proportions using a dry spoon, and you’re good to go.

Take some of the powder in your hand, and massage on your damp face for a minute and wash it off.

Multani mitti removes excess oil from your face and gram flour acts as a natural exfoliator, keeping oil at bay and giving you smooth skin.

Dry skin needs a very gentle and nourishing cleanser as it is delicate.
Mix some honey with a few drops of milk and combine the two ingredients.

Massage your face with it for 30-50 seconds and then wash your face. The lactic acid present in milk will cleanse your pores deeply, while honey will nourish and moisturize your dry, irritated skin.

We all know that green tea is a hero for anyone with oily skin and it’s going to be our key ingredient here. Take brewed green tea and add a few drops of tea tree oil.

Store the mixture in a spray bottle and your toner is ready to use.
Spray it on a cotton pad and dab it all over your face after cleansing.

Green tea acts as an antioxidant, giving you healthy-looking skin while tea tree oil fights acne. The key ingredient for making our toner is a gorgeous flower, “chamomile”, known for its calming and soothing properties.

Mix some rose water with add 10-12 drops of chamomile essential oil and that’s it. Pour it into a spray bottle and apply it with a cotton pad focusing on the dry areas of your face.

Rosewater will balance the pH level of your skin and chamomile will soothe and nourish it, This lightweight moisturizer will hydrate your skin without making it greasy.

To make this moisturizer, mix a spoonful of aloe vera gel with some rose water. Apply it twice a day after using your toner and massage your face with it for 5 minutes to improve blood circulation as well.

Aloe vera will hydrate your oily skin, whereas rose will soothe your skin and prevent excessively oil production.

Did you know that you can make your skin better by using shea butter?

Combine 1 spoon of shea butter with 8 drops of jojoba oil to form your moisturizer. Use it in the morning after your toner and at night before going to bed. Shea butter is a strong moisturizer and jojoba oil soothes inflamed and irritated skin.

Now you know how simple and easy skincare can be when you get to create it and use it for yourself.

5 At-Home Cleanup Steps To Achieve Glowing Skin | Secrets To Healthy Skin Using Milk

requires the utmost care to prevent and cure different skin problems.

Skin Care Tips for Girls
Skin Care Tips for Girls

Although going for facials or regular clean-ups can be a bit heavy on the pocket, you can try these things out in the comfort of our own home and bring a healthy glow to your skin.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to go through all the trouble
and still longs for that healthy glowing skin, then choose products that give you the best results without having to do much!

To begin your cleanse, take a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover
and remove all makeup, dirt, and sweat from your face. This will drive out all the impurities from within clogged pores
preventing new blackheads, acne, and more.

Next, use a cleanser that cleanses while hydrating the face at the same time, like Nivea’s Milk Delights Face Wash with moisturizing honey.

Wet your face with water, pour some onto your palms, and foam the cleanser. Distribute it evenly on your face using your fingertips.
Wash it off with lukewarm water.

Honey has hydrating properties and when mixed with milk,
moisturizes the skin all day long making it feel fresh, alive, and healthy.

Heat or steam is known to be excellent for the skin as it helps open up the pores which makes the cleansing process more effective.

You can use a store-bought face steamer or boil water in a pot. If you’re using a steamer, wait for the water to heat and then cover your head with a towel.

Make sure that it covers either side of your face, so that the steam only concentrates on your skin. Place your face close enough to the steam but not so close that it feels like your skin is burning!

Continue this for 10 mins. This steam helps cleanse the pores from deep within. After the steam, take a blackhead removing tool and scrape off the blackheads and whiteheads from your nose,
forehead, chin, or wherever you feel the need to extract.

Make sure to use the tool immediately or else the pores will tighten if left to cool down.

Now your face is squeaky clean and ready for the next step!

Next comes exfoliation or scrubbing which is a crucial step in keeping skin healthy and clear. Apart from being an excellent cleanser, milk is an excellent exfoliator as well when mixed with other ingredients.

To prepare this simple scrub, mix half a cup of milk to three tbsps of oatmeal and make a smooth paste.

Apply it evenly all over your face and massage it in circular motions.

After 15 minutes rinse off the paste with lukewarm water.

The Lactic acid in milk removes dead skin cells and the fat moisturizes your skin,
reduces wrinkles and boosts collagen,
whereas oats have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that heal, moisturize, and soothe the skin for some much-needed relief.

A simple homemade face mask can transform your skin, and after all, that’s what dreams are made of.

This wonderful face mask includes 2 tbsps of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric, and 2 tbsps of milk.

Mix the ingredients until you have a fine paste and apply it on your face. Hang on for 15 minutes, then wash down!

This will brighten up your face as turmeric is the perfect ingredient
To achieve this mixture of milk and gramme flour.

The skin brightening, anti-microbial and soothing properties
give you youthful, blemish-free, and bright skin!

Finish cleaning your home face with a moisturiser
that will hydrate the skin and lock in the goodness of your clean up.

Just dot the moisturizer, apply evenly all over your face, and then gently tap your fingers along your forehead, cheek, chin, and the rest of your face.

This will help you relax while preventing aging and wrinkles
and you will wake up with clear, smoother skin the next day.

It’s very important to do a proper face clean up every two weeks,
so learning to do it in just 5 simple steps at home not only saves time but also money. To kick-start your journey to beautiful, soft, healthy skin!

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